SPOTLIGHT: Hyperrealistic Paintings by Gustavo Silva Nuñez

Excuse…. me… What kind of?!

Valencia, Venezuela-based sorcerer artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates extraordinary paintings that are so hyperrealistic, they seem to come to life and flow right off the canvas.

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Decided to move my blog to tumblr. No idea why I waited this long. Go ahead and follow me if you want to see updates from my life and projects I’m currently working on!

Here’s a few photos from the first couple weeks at my summer internship at Interlochen Center for the Arts! Let me know what you think!

These gorgeous photos basically show where I have been and what I have been doing for the last two months. Being a cabin counselor at Interlochen Arts Camp has been the most transformative, fulfilling experience of my life and I am eternally grateful to have been able to work at such an institution.

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